GAB Consulting will help to identify and fulfill your obligations as importer or producer of chemicals in the EU. 

Classification and labelling according to the new CLP system is a requirement for all products from 2015 onwards. We offer our assistance in preparation of updated safety data sheets and CLH reports as well as communication with National authorities and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as well as defence of the submitted dossiers.


Study Conduction

We are keen to provide you with competent scientific support during all stages of physical-chemical, toxicological and environmental tests. We are in contact with the best laboratories and research institutions who will conduct studies using the most up-to-date guidance and accurate techniques. Together with them we also develop suitable designs for complex experimental problems and produce high quality reports which prevent unnecessary investment of your time and money.

REACH, CLP and Pesticide or Biocide Products

According to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 Article 15, all active substances pesticide or biocide) are regarded as registered and are therefore exempt from REACH obligations. We will support you in proposals for classification and labelling according to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 and preparation of CLH reports.

However, all co-formulants in your plant protection products or biocidal products are subject to the requirements of the chemicals legislation. We will assist you in identifying and fulfilling these obligations. Furthermore we will support you in compilation and submission of CLP notifications of your products to ECHA.

Regulatory Aspects

The REACH regulation came into force across Europe in 2007 and introduced a staggered registration submission to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) based on hazard and tonnage of substances. Substances of very high concern and candidates for inclusion in Annex XIV are being identified. Three registration deadlines for phase-in substances have been set: Dangerous substances and substances produced or imported in quantities >1000 t or >100 t per year have to be already registered with deadlines November 2010 and May 2013, respectively. The registration deadline for substances manufactured in or imported into the EC in quantities > 1 t per year is 31 May 2018.

Follow-up Activities & Dossier Defence (selected services)

  • Expert discussions and negotiations with ECHA
  • Review and commenting of ECHA assessments
  • Risk refinements
  • Assistance in identifying and meeting your obligations as an importer or producer
  • Expertise in assessing your rights as a downstream user in the supply chain

Dossier Preparation (selected services)

  • Preparation of REACH Dossiers/ Chemical Safety Reports
    using IUCLID 5 and CHESAR
  • Preliminary or stand-alone risk assessments
  • Computer modelling and development of exposure scenarios
  • Expert statements/waivers
  • Literature research
  • Documentation & submission via REACH-IT
  • As an aid to the registration process, Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEF) have been set up to enable and promote data information exchange between registrants of the same substance and facilitate an agreement on classification and labelling. We offer to participate on your behalf and conduct all necessary negotiations on data access and compensation
  • Preparation of CLH reports for harmonised classification and labelling

General Consultancy & Project Management (selected services)

  • Identification and evaluation of data gaps in the data package according to current EU requirements (check of completeness) for chemicals and preliminary risk assessments (human & environmental exposure, risk characterisation human health & environment)
  • Cost analysis for completion of the data package (including statements) and preparation of a registration dossier
  • Time schedule for study conduction and dossier preparation
  • Support in the selection of contract laboratories
    and contracting of studies
  • Scientific support and study monitoring