General Consultancy

From completely new products to established best sellers, we offer regulatory and scientific advice to ensure that your product can be sold.

We offer assistance during product development and introduce you to the registration process.
We can select contract laboratories and contract and monitor studies for you.
We have an extensive network of contacts in registration authorities within the EU, CIS countries and the Americas and we are happy to contact them on your behalf.
We keep abreast of regulatory updates and provide you with any information that may affect the registration of your product.


Task Force / Consortium Management

GAB Consulting has extensive experience in establishing and leading task forces and consortia. Contact us if you would like to form or join a task force for more time and cost efficient registration of your product. We put you in touch with the right people or contact them for you!



The Fire Brigade

Our ad-hoc working group is represented by our team of senior scientists. It has been installed to respond to any issues where immediate action is required, e.g. additional data requirements from authorities, legal claims or where ad-hoc justifications are needed.

Data Base

GAB Consulting has a bespoke database which allows us to automate the work on reference listings and dossier summaries. This allows our expert staff to focus on more complex tasks such as risk assessments and expert statements. For task forces  or consortia a client access can be provided to efficiently share documents and manage joint dossier parts.

Quality assurance

An internal quality assurance program is laid down in the company’s “principles of good consulting service” and continuously improved.


The programme includes:

Up-to-date knowledge of regulations, guidelines, directives, forms and documents used as tools for completion and assessment of dossiers for registration of agrochemicals, biocides and industrial chemicals

  • Development and updating of risk
    assessment schemes
  • Development of dossier templates
  • Organization and structure of dossier files
  • Internal project audits
  • Supervision of time schedules
  • Regular updates of projects to the sponsor
  • Confidentiality principles regarding data transfer and exchange of information
  • Archiving of documents
  • Relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) are continuously developed and updated.