Biotecnologie BT
Biotecnologie BT is an Italian Contract Research Organization (CRO), certified in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Experimental Practice (GEP) which provides services in support of the registration dossier in EU, USA and South America of different product types (chemical and biological plant protection products - PPP -, biocides, biopesticides, chemicals, veterinary medicinal and pharmaceutical products), performing a wide range of tests on the chemical-physical, ecotoxicological (terrestrial and aquatic), and microbiological field.

Eurofins Agroscience Services Limited

With over 25 years of experience in the crop protection industry, Eurofins Agroscience Services offers outstanding technical knowledge and project management skills. Their service offering is continuously developed by knowledge transfer initiatives between the Group's various centres of expertise across the globe.

By acquiring a carefully selected range of CRO's, Eurofins Agroscience Services has created a unique portfolio of expertise that provides analytical, regulatory and field support to agrochemical, biopesticide, biocide and fine chemical manufacturers and plant breeders.


CIP Chemisches Institut Pforzheim GmbH is an independent, privately owned analytical laboratory. CIP arose from the fusion of two local laboratories in 2005. The services they offer include a wide range of physical, chemical, physical-chemical and microbiological analyses of different kind of samples, e.g. water, waste water and soil. In cooperation with their partners they offer a wide range of GLP studies associated with the approval of plant protection agents and chemicals.

Planta Analytica LLC

Planta Analytica LLC is a laboratory specializing in separation technologies involving preparative isolation of desired substances or impurities from complex matrices, such as natural extracts. Performs custom separation/chromatography projects for food and botanical supplement industries as well as pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH

The Dr. Brill Group serves its international customers from three different locations and employs more than 40 people around the globe. Their two laboratories located in Bremen and Hamburg, Germany, offer high class and customized services. As one of few laboratories within Europe they offer high quality one-stop efficacy testing against viruses, bacteriophages, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, mycobacteria and bacteria spores.